Granted that may seem like a strange question at first. However, consider that as a practitioner you are concerned with the health and wellness of your patients…but what about the office itself? Is it healthy? Is the practice growing? Is it functioning properly?

Realize that “illness” in your clinic can come in many forms including high staff turnover, patient accounts in disarray, waiting extended periods for insurance payments, denied payments, inefficient billing, etc. These "diseases" interrupt the work flow and cause a loss of productivity and profit.

One task practitioner face is the increasing challenge to deliver quality healthcare services while attempting to grow their practice. It can be difficult supporting the many needs of the office, while maintaining steady and adequate cash flow.

We can accomplish this with proper billing solutions and procedures that ensure claims are reimbursed timely and fairly for services rendered. By striving to be highly organized and proficient, your clinic runs like a well-oiled machine.

The support and collaboration of an efficient insurance billing service is a doctor's key to getting paid quickly and accurately. Whether you are a new clinic or you have been practicing for years, we can help!

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Case Studies

Check out these Case Studies of “unhealthy” clinics and how we helped fix them up!