Dr. Jesse Anderson

The Wellness Way, Green Bay, WI

“Before Advocate Insurance Billing took over the billing services for our office we had no idea how much revenue we were missing out on. They stepped in with a personal, friendly, hands-on approach to help the doctors optimize both coding and billing and keep us informed of anything we may have missed. I am now able to focus more on patient care and not stress out about whether services will be paid for or not. A major burden has been lifted off my shoulders!”

Gregory W. Bernard, D.C.

Spine PRO Chiropractic
“I have used Advocate Insurance Billing and services to start up two new clinics in the last year and would like to say thanks for being so professional and proficient in getting all applications, provider numbers etc., organized and completed. Further, I would like to report that billing has been very good and communication has been excellent. Thanks for the hard work and I would recommend the services they provide to anyone who wants to outsource billing in an efficient and cost-effective manner."

Tiffany J.

Office Assistant, Flynn's Children & Family Chiropractic
“The Advocate Insurance Billing team is professional, knowledgeable and upbeat. They follow through with the details that matter and make an impact on the overall experience.”

Dr. Laura Hemgren

Kaizen Way to Wellness, Iron Mountain, MI
“Advocate Insurance Billing has been game-changing for our practice. They have taken all of the guesswork out of insurance billing and streamlined our procedures allowing us to do what we do best and get paid for it!”

Jackie N.

Front Desk Assistant, Chiropractic Clinic
“Joy from Advocate Insurance Billing is incredibly knowledgeable on billing procedures. She is always willing to go above and beyond, if you need her help or have questions.”

Kim Peot

Office Manager, Chiropractic Clinic, Green Bay

“Advocate Insurance Billing is an absolute delight to work with! We needed assistance with our billing system and procedures, and we have been completely pleased with the service they have provided. They not only provided clear, concise billing procedures for the front desk and doctors to follow daily, but went out of her way to make sure everyone understood exactly what needed to be accomplished during the ICD-10 conversion and helped us recover over $15,000 of previously billed, but problematic insurance company collections."